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Questions You Should Ask Before Making an Animated Video

Staying competitive on a small budget isn’t as impossible as it might seem. With today’s web-based applications, lots of growing companies are building their own animated videos and other marketing tools. But before taking the leap on your own, here […] Continue reading

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Giving Back Through Envision Art

How do you know that your child is creative? Here at Envision, many of our close friends and family have asked us how we arrived in the digital display space. Sometimes they might assume that by monetizing our creative renderings, […] Continue reading

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Getting Smart with Big Box Marketing

Startup culture has become so popular that it has earned its own category–a creative platform to do things as they never have been done. Unlike large corporations and SMBs, a startup may not become profitable for the first 2-5 years. […] Continue reading

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It’s all about the benes… The indirect benefits you should be getting out of your design agency

It’s 3 pm on a Friday in the Silicon Valley, you just got out of  an extended, unplanned conference room meeting. Traffic is already heating up, your mind is racing with all the things you need to do after work… […] Continue reading

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Minute rice didn’t ruin the world… completely or how a cross-functional design team is your secret weapon

It was the early 50’s and Joan, my newlywed grandmother was livin’ large in her new $6,000 house decked out with everything she had hoped for from her wedding registry at Woolworths. What could possibly make this any better you […] Continue reading

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