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The Power of Mirroring Your Audience: What Every Speaker Should Keep In Mind

Anyone who has taken a college Communications 101 course understands the basics of delivering a presentation. That said, most of us understand that you need to adjust every presentation to suit your audience. That may seem obvious, but sometimes it’s […] Continue reading

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How To Tell An Engaging Story

People often ask how the Bay Area became so diverse when it comes to careers and staple industries. Its deeply-rooted culture and rich history was brought about by several places and events. San Francisco played a huge role, but we’ll […] Continue reading

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Why People Fall Asleep During Your Presentation

Success Requires Compelling Yet Abbreviated Talking Points…. Too many convention attendees suffer from boring executive presentations. Even a deck that’s packed with good information can be a chore to sit through if there’s no hook. We decided to spare future […] Continue reading

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The True Cost of Your Presentation

Delivering a professional presentation carries a lot more value than the transactional investment. A seamless keynote may translate into a memorable experience leading to repeat business. We decided to compile a series of comprehensive steps for those that feel compelled […] Continue reading

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