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October 20th, 2015 by Blog Admin

How do you know that your child is creative? Here at Envision, many of our close friends and family have asked us how we arrived in the digital display space. Sometimes they might assume that by monetizing our creative renderings, we lose the intrinsic gratification of what we do… Envision Art was designed to defy this misconception!

Individuality was not always as celebrated as it is now. But today, a child might be encouraged to abandon a lucrative law degree if their true passion is art.

The beauty of working in a cross-functional creative team is that we still get to ‘play’ with colors and renditions! Everything we design involves art and strategy. Our job is to take your industry specific, high-level message and present it effectively yet simply—while preserving the integrity of the subject matter. We’re basically pictorial translators for our clients.

For example, imagine listening to a psychiatrist explain the details of how a new drug is metabolized. This discussion might make sense if you’re a medical doctor, but it could be tough to comprehend for those of us without a biochem degree. Envision Media team members work with clients to translate complex information and develop a storyboard that’s accurate, but easy to understand.

We make your ideas comfortable for your consumers.

We’re proud of our innovation, and we’re inspired by opportunities to pass the torch to the next generation of creators. So we’ve developed Envision Art to help maintain a strong artistic presence in our local schools. Through community donations, we help fund art educators and purchase materials to support classroom instruction.

Three Benefits to Introducing Art to Children at an Early Age

1. Enthusiasm

Who doesn’t remember the smell of a fresh box of Crayola crayons? Kids love the possibilities of a fresh sheet of paper and the excitement of starting a new project. Art inspires children to innovate!

2. Creativity

Introducing kids to art early helps them learn to tap into their creative energy. Throughout life, we develop filters that dilute our thoughts and focus. Children, on the other hand, learn quicker through associative thinking. Making art a part of early education helps kids create a mental blueprint of the concepts they’re learning.

3. Learning Through Technology

Back in the 90’s, art class might involve painting a fruit display with oil on canvas, or drawing grids on paper to learn about perspective and scaling. Today, kids are comfortable drawing and modeling on an iPad, and they can carry some of those skills with them through life.

Thanks to those that create and others that find value in this process, our team at Envision can couple our love for visual communication with our need to develop professionally. If you would like to find out how you can help a budding artist, contact:

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